How to Fix Your Slice | Proper Swing Plane & Alignment

Want to Know How to Fix Your Slice?

A slice is one of the biggest challenges that golfers face. Figuring out how to fix your slice is often a huge mystery and actually implementing the fix is even more difficult. One of the most common causes of a slice is having an outside-to-inside sweeping swing plane.

Some of the best tools you can use for training a proper swing plane alignment are alignment rods (like the ones picked below) which can be used to help correct your slice and be a guide for improving multiple aspects of your game. We recommend going with at least two sticks so you can maximize the areas of your game that you affect.

MVP Sport Leadbetter Golf Alignment Sticks by Mvp Sport

MVP Sport Leadbetter Golf Alignment Sticks

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How to Use Alignment Rods to Correct Your Slice

Check out the video below to see how to use the golf swing alignment sticks for fixing your slice.

Source: SwingFix’s The Lesson Tee – Golf Instruction Blog : Fix your path, make your slice disappear

More Alignment Rod Instructions

See these additional guides for more instruction on how to use the alignment rods to improve your golf game.

How to Fix Your Slice

In Episode 13 of “Golf Tips from Around the Met”, Mark Braziller from Drive 495 in Manhattan, joins Anthony Renna from Five Iron Fitness to show you a great way to fix your slice.
Source: Better Golf With Fitness: Fix Your Slice- Episode 13- Golf Tips from Around the Met

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