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Pinemeadow Golf Pre Factor 3 Putter (WHITE) by Generic

Pinemeadow Golf Pre Factor 3 Putter (WHITE)
The Pinemeadow Golf Pre Factor 3 putter completes the Pre Factor collection. This putter features a white nano finish. Like other white putters we carry this contrast of the white against the green grass really helps maintain focus on the alignment lines that help ensure that your putter is on target. At 360g this putter is a little lighter then other white putters we carry on our site. You can tell by the design and the shape of the putter there is a lot less to this putter. Don`t be fooled by the simplicity of the shape. The weight on this putter is pushed to the front and sides to create a well balanced mallet putter head helping you make a smooth and accurate stroke. FEATURES: White Nano Finish 360 g Front and Side Weighted for Smooth Accurate ShotsThe white color on this putter model is designed to enhance aim and improve vision clarity at address. Using a head cover is strongly reco

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