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HVC-3, Beta Ti-3 with Trampoline Effect Wood Golf Club by Action Golf

HVC-3, Beta Ti-3 with Trampoline Effect Wood Golf Club
Super hard Beta-Ti. Like the Callaway ERC Driver and its spring like effect. BY NOW, YOU HAVE likely heard about Callaway's ERC driver The ERC was ruled nonconforming by the USGA because it failed the coefficient of restitution (a€aspring-like or trampoline effecta€ ) test meaning it gives the average golfer additional yardage. These clubs have now been declared legal except for PGA tours. We now carry a version of the ERC called the HVG which is manufactured with a similar face design giving it spring like effect Testimonies ranging from 5 all the way to 30 yards longer are coming in weekly. Some of the best club builders we know say they have never seen a club like this one! 9 degree driver Left handed The shaft, Penley Series Tour Light The grip is the famous Winn tan The Callaway ERC drivers have sold for as much as $1000.00! You can buy this club NOW for a fraction of the Callaway club and we guarantee it will play better! You can not go wrong. Available in R flex.

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