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Callaway Golf Supersoft Multi-Color Pack Golf Balls by Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf Supersoft Multi-Color Pack Golf Balls
Meet the softest golf ball Callaway has ever made. Supersoft golf balls have only 35 compression points, making them a full 20 points softer than some of Callaway's most popular 2-piece balls. While most golf balls fall somewhere between 90 and 100 on the compression scale, each Supersoft ball has a compression rating of only 38! The Ultra-Low Compression Core delivers maximum ball speed and reduces spin, leading to greater distance. The soft Trionomer cover features HEX aerodynamics to help it fly true. Callaway's softest golf ball38 compression Ultra-Low Compression CoreSoft Trionomer coverHEX aerodynamics Low spin for straighter shots One dozen golf balls

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