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Cleveland 588 Rtx 2.0 Black Satin Wedges Dynamic Gold Steel 10.0 Right 50.0 by Cleveland/srixon

Cleveland 588 Rtx 2.0 Black Satin Wedges Dynamic Gold Steel 10.0 Right 50.0
Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Tour Wedge As the game evolves to a more distance-centric playing style, players are finding themselves facing an increasing number of scoring opportunities from 125 yards and in. As it is, 65% of all golf shots take place from this distance, and that number is only expected to rise. This evolution in the game demands an evolution in the wedge game as well. Cleveland Golf's Rotex face technology literally changed the face of spin in golf last year. The 588 Rotex 2.0 takes spin control to yet another level. 15% sharper grooves and a new micro-milled Rotex face pattern give these wedges the most surface roughness the USGA will allow. Its Spin 2.0. Fourth generation Tour Zip Grooves combine sharper grooves and deeper micro milling to provide superior spin on all shots from the rough. Advanced, 2-pass micro milling pattern provides a strategically designed roughness close to the USGA limit. This leads to increased friction and more spin, especially from inconsistent lies. Fine tunes the micro-roughness for more consistency and texture across the face. This allows us to reach the USGA roughness limit, and pushing this boundary lends itself to increased spin on pitch and chip shots. Traditional muscle-back head shape for the better player. Three grind options makes it easier than ever for any golfer to build a wedge set that maximizes performance based on turf conditions, playing preference, and skill level. Low Bounce Grind (1 Dot) Trailing Edge Grind + maximum heel and toe grind Lowest effective bounce Keeps leading edge close to ground for aggressive lob shots, yet provides stability on square-faced full shots Standard Bounce Grind (2 Dot) Trailing Edge Grind + moderate trailing relief Mid effective bounce All-around playability and versatility, allowing golfer to executea variety of shots from most playing conditions Full Sole (3 Dot) Constant Sole Width Higher effective bounce Allows the golfer to use the sole to their advantage around the gree

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