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Bionic Men's Left Hand Performance Series Cadet Golf Glove by Bionic

Bionic Men's Left Hand Performance Series Cadet Golf Glove
Supple leather and Lycra construction Triple-row finger grip system absorbs moisture Unique mid-axis longitudinal seam placement Elongated surround flexion zones Designed for use while golfing Available in men's sizes Medium to X-Large With more than 40 unique anatomical features, the Bionic Men's Left Hand Performance Series Cadet Golf Glove will revolutionize your game. It was designed by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon using leather and breathable Lycra. Elongated flexion zones, where natural creases occur in the fingers and palm, wrap 180 degrees around the finger using Lycra. This minimizes the bunching of leather that takes place when your hand is flexed inward to hold a club. As a result, Bionic offers you greater comfort, flexibility and a cool, dry hand. Your grip will become lighter and more effective. The Performance Series introduces mid-axis longitudinal seam placement, eliminating the normal stitching running up your gloved fingers. By reducing the amount of energy required to close your hand, it helps to fight fatigue. The triple-row finger system is another highlight. Three multi-layered terrycloth zones on the palm side of each finger absorb moisture and conform to the natural shape of the hand, rendering your grip more comfortable and relaxed. This glove is more than just an accessory. It's a vital piece of equipment that will change the way you swing your club. It is available in men's Cadet sizes Medium, Medium Large, Large and X-Large. Keep the glove in prime condition by cleaning it regularly. We recommend hand or machine washing on the gentle cycle, using mild detergent and cold water, then airing it dry. Avoid bleach. Take care to secure the Velcro tab before washing to avoid snagging other garments.

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