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Medicus Dual-Hinged Training Clubs by Medicus

Medicus Dual-Hinged Training Clubs
Learn How A Top Pro Thinks, "Feels" And Executes The Winning Touch! MEDICUS Hinged Training Clubs feature: The best hinged training club is the original Patented hinged training club is designed to "break" when a flaw occurs in your swing Provides positive and constant feedback needed to perfect your golf swing Can be used virtually anywhere Improves timing, tempo, coordination, consistency & control Helps you to hit farther and straighter by developing the ideal swing path and tempo Dual hinge design is less forgiving and more demanding in training the perfect swing path Dual hinges create two "break" points, thus requiring a more precise swing Helps eliminate slices and hooks Improves all aspects of your swing - from the takeaway to the downswing to the follow through Develops muscle memory so that you develop a perfect and repeating swing FREE Bonus DVD "Swing Like a Pro" starring Medicus Inventor Bob Koch Available Models: 5-Iron Dual Hinge (RH & LH Available) Dual Hinge D.A. Driver (Mens RH Only) Dual Hinge Driver (RH & LH Available) Dual Hinge Oversize Driver (Mens version available in RH Only) Dual Hinge Oversize Driver (*Womens version available in RH Only) 7-Iron (Mens version available in RH & LH) 7-Iron (*Womens version available in RH Only) *(Womens version is 1" shorter and 1 oz lighter than mens) Golfers Of All Levels Benefit From The Unique Advantages Of The MEDICUS!

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