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PlaneSWING Golf Training System by Planeswing

PlaneSWING Golf Training System
PlaneSWING Golf Training System The PlaneSWING Golf Training System is a kinesthetic teaching, training, and golf fitness system. Its the complete golf development aid that creates a powerful and repeatable motion thats sure to improve your ball-striking, your enjoyment, and your scores. PlaneSWING allows you to feel the correct motion, and it includes the standard weighted PowerSLIDER (3lbs.). The PlaneSWING concept is endorsed and used by the worlds leading instructors, Tour players, and amateur golfers around the world. Additional features: The multi-adjustable PlaneSWING Hoop is set simply and quickly to your ideal swing plane using the PlaneGUIDE, so you can practice long game, short game, and putting The Stance Alignment Mat will ensure a square stance The weighted club, the PowerSLIDER, is included and will stretch and train the muscles used in the golf swing The PlaneCHECKER fits into the handle of the PowerSLIDER and is an easy reference guide as to whether or not you are on plane, laid off, or getting trapped on the inside The numbered decals that are placed around the PlaneSWING Hoop in a clock formation are designed to help you practice training drills

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