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Titleist 12 Pack Prov1 Reload Refinished Golf Balls by Pgsi

Titleist 12 Pack Prov1 Reload Refinished Golf Balls
This Titleist Prov1 product comes in two 12pk boxes for a total of 24 golf balls. The golf balls are refinished and will look and play 'Like New' (no logos or player markings). The Refinished process enhances the cosmetics of the ball so it appears and performs like a new ball without any depreciation in performance. Pull out your driver and hit this Prov1 straight down the longest fairway. This package of 24 provides you with a bevy of golf balls that have a professional feel and playability. With Titleist golf balls, you are assured that you are trusting your game to a preferred name in the golf and sporting industry. Brand: Titleist Model: Prov1 Materials: Surlyn, rubber Color: White Dimensions: 8 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches Weight: 3 poundsw

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