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Ray Cook Golf Extreme Aim Chipper 35 In. by Ray Cook Golf

Ray Cook Golf Extreme Aim Chipper 35 In.
For golfers that need just a little bit more help attacking the pin from off the green the Extreme Aim chipper might be the answer to all your problems!. The Extreme Aim chipper is designed to act like a putter from the edge of the green. The shot length would compare to a putter stroke while the 37° loft gets you through the thick stuff. So eliminate stubbed and bladed shots and quit worrying about chipping. Just add an Extreme Aim to your bag!. Features Modern hybrid design stainless steel club head. Clean visual looking sight alignment aid for confident setup. Versatile use for short bump and run shots 3-5 yard chips or even longer pitches shots. Firm light steel shaft reduces twisting on impact. Soft feeling rubber compound grip. Size - 35 in. Dimension - 6 x 6 x 48 in. Item Weight - 3 lbs.

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